General Setup and Project PrepΒΆ

The setup process is broken into four parts: acquiring the hardware you need; storing baseline data; configuring the Raspberry Pi and installing the openaps tools and dependencies. After completing these steps, you will be able to use the openaps tools to communicate with your insulin pump and CGM.

At this stage, you may want to begin documenting each step that you take. This will help in two ways.

First, this enables you to better ask for assistance if you run into errors, bugs, etc. By explaining where you are in the documentation and what you’re seeing (by copying and pasting your last command and the output), someone can better provide tips on what you should consider next.

Second, this will enable you to help us improve our documentation. Did we skip a step, or not explain clearly? After you get through the setup instructions, you should consider forking a copy of these docs, editing with any changes you think should be made, and submitting a pull request (PR) back to the master. Others will be able to review & discuss any edits, make further changes, and pull this edits into the main file. This helps us all “pay it forward” as we go!