Loops In ProgressΒΆ

To get you comfortable with submitting a “PR” (stands for pull request), test it out by submitting a PR to this page, adding your name to the list of people who have loops in progress. This way we know how many people are in the development phase, too.

New to Github, and PRs? Check out how to submit your first PR.

List of people who are working on closed loops:

  • Dana Lewis
  • Ben West
  • Chris Hannemann
  • Sarah Howard
  • Mike Stebbins
  • Scott Hanselman
  • Greg Scull
  • Aaron Michelson
  • Jayson EWER –Intel Edison w/ TI–cc1111
  • Frank Best
  • Brooke Armstrong & Matt Pazoles
  • David Young
  • Paul Martin
  • Jarred Yaw
  • Shane Mitchell
  • Boris and Kayley Raskin
  • Andy Pabari
  • Rob Kresha - (Papillion, NE, USA)
  • Christian Robinson (London, UK)
  • Gary Kidd
  • Nathan Morse
  • Paul Davis (Brighton, UK)