Other People, Projects & Tools


These people have publicly identified as either supporting or running OpenAPS implementations and are sharing their experiences publicly. See below links.

Dana Lewis - blogs about personal experience at DIYPS.org and shares on Twitter as @DanaMLewis.

Scott Leibrand - contributes to Dana’s instance of OpenAPS, and is on Twitter as @ScottLeibrand. (Scott and Dana collectively maintain OpenAPS.org.)

Ali Mazaheri - shares on Twitter as @AliMazaheri

Chris Hannemann - shares on Twitter as @hannemannemann

Nate Racklyeft - shares on Twitter as @LoudNate

Ben West - author of decoding-carelink and much of the openaps toolkit - on Twitter as @bewestisdoing

The following provide links to other related projects as well as commercial artificial pancreas work underway.

APS & Diabetes Data Tools

  • #DIYPS (http://diyps.org/) - the project and personal experience that inspired #OpenAPS
  • simPancreas (http://bustavo.com/category/simpancreas/) - another DIY closed loop, although not #OpenAPS related
  • NightScout (http://www.nightscout.info/) - a visualization and remote monitoring tool for people with diabetes using CGM
  • xDrip (http://stephenblackwasalreadytaken.github.io/xDrip/) - a DIY combination of a device and a software application which receives data sent out by a Dexcom G4 CGM transmitter/sensor and displays the glucose readings on an Android phone
  • RileyLink (https://github.com/ps2/rileylink)
    A custom designed Bluetooth Smart (BLE) to 916MHz module. It can be used to bridge any BLE capable smartphone to the world of 916Mhz based devices. This project is focused on talking to Medtronic insulin pumps and sensors. There is also a Gitter channel dedicated to discussion on the RileyLink here.
  • Tidepool (http://tidepool.org/ and https://github.com/tidepool-org)
    Notably, work on Boston University iLet UI (https://github.com/tidepool-org/bionicpancreas) and open-source tools for visualization.
  • Perceptus (http://perceptus.org) - more data visualization tools

Commercial APS Efforts

There are currently several commercial closed-loop products in development by old and new companies in the diabetes treatment space. These include: